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Welcome to Winterkist!

     What is Winterkist? We are a blend of many different things, but primarily, there are the Winterkist dogs.

     We enjoy dog sledding and are members of the Mid Union Sled Haulers Organization (M.U.S.H.) . The members of M.U.S.H. have been very helpful in getting us started in the dog sledding world. Members have encouraged, "clued us in" and "de-stressed" us, we couldn't have done it without them.This past "snow season" was our 9th year of recreational racing. It is always a learning experience to say the least. Check out the "Dogs of Winterkist" page for pictures of the crew and sledding/training photos from this past season.

     We have AKC Siberian Huskies and Seppla Siberian Sled Dogs. We occasionally have pups for sale, but are not a regular "breeder". We would much rather have occasional pups who find GREAT forever homes than lots of pups who we have to struggle to find homes for. Friends have commented that it's easier to adopt a child than to get a dog from us...we think of our pups as family members, and have to be sure they will be well taken care of.  

      We are moving toward hopefully an easier on the humans breeding program. We will do a breeding when we have 4 approved families on our puppy list. There may be puppies available if we do a breeding for ourselves, check out the "Litter Box"  to see or the  "Adoptable" page for available dogs.  

     The "Adoption Details" page lists Winterkist requirements and "Adoption Application " has the paperwork to get started. We thank you in advance for your honesty in filling out the application.

     Winterkist is also a small getting started business for Karen's photography and art work and Dick's rustic furniture. These are "side lines" in addition to our "real jobs". 

Thanks for visiting our site........Safe trails!



Winterkist is now accepting Adoption Applications for a 2013 Siberian and Seppala Litters!! Anticipated litter arrivals late April or early May.

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     We're under construction. You can reach us at ..... 989-330-5263 or 989-330-5264.